/ orcl / is a location-based augmented reality experience, for those in search of metamorphosis in the chaos of the metaverse. AI-powered virtual deities are arousing from the deep pockets of the city, to disrupt the reality and share the wisdom of rave, rage, and wanderlust.

the hybrid spirits are queering the urban spaces, inviting you to unlock your senses, and listen to the messages from the spaces in-between. By bridging virtual and material realms, / orcl / provides a spark for imagining and constructing alternative futures, celebrating ethereal forces, in a multi-sensory interactive journey. 

/ orcl / features fluid avatars and mystical portals with sound-scores crafted by local music artists. 

All AR experiences can be accessed via QR codes at number of public locations.


Virtual Deities


Nb xeno-celestial being. Passionate about philosophy, social sciences, astronomy, a future renaissance-punk. They are offering you the virtual talisman of wisdom and sharing memories of what’s to come.


🜡 Gate of wisdom 3.0


Ethereal Shapeshifter. Goddess of wilderness, movement and serenity. Connected to nature via all the links. Loves to dance in the synthetic sun, between hybrid clouds and android orchids. Sharing the cathartic energy to balance the core


🜃 Serenity Spa


Fearless, can manifest her power in any level of existence. Cutting across the layers of society, She digs a cave into the future, she demands space. Descendant of the Furies and stardust


🝲 Amorphia Passage


Emerging from the glimmers of other possible worlds, they are crafting new digital safe spaces, while searching for a place to exist. Blessing all the mutants, post-human bodies, nomadic bodies, genderless, placeless. Embracing the infinity 


🜛 Euphoria Hotspot




Deep from the AI swamp, NAV is appearing in the river of surreal data. Virtual Water deity, in charge of the primal element. Shares the space between dreams and delusions. Expands your perceptions, encourages you to reimagine our role within this ecosystem that sustains us. 


🜄 Disarray & Rebirth Portal